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Executive Spine Surgery takes a multidisciplinary approach to spinal disorders combining the best of conservative and operative treatment. We offer a full range of surgical treatments and every effort is made to provide our customers with the least invasive, cutting-edge surgical techniques. You will undergo comprehensive assessment of your problem including history, physical exam and review of imaging studies.

Dr. Carl Spivak, MD. Neurosurgeon



Dr. Spivak is a neurosurgeon who is specially trained in spinal injections, endoscopic, minimally invasive and complex spine surgery. Read More

Surgical Options

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Treatment Options?

Advanced spinal treatments help resolve pain. Depending on the patient there are several treatment options that should be considered. Read More



The surgery went perfectly, and four months later, I feel great! His manner is kind, concerned, and attentive. His practice is thorough and meticulous, and he will go the extra mile to ensure that his patient gets whatever they need.                     Read More

Patient Case Study

The patient is a 61-year-old man who presented to emergency room with severe back pain and right testicular groin pain. The medical workup identified additional right leg weakness, numbness and pain.Read More